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    Important: Please Read!

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    Important: Please Read!

    Post by TLP on Sat Sep 12, 2009 5:02 pm

    A few simple rules I would like to lay down.

    When looking for a battle, do so respectfully.

    Untill we make our own, Smogon's tiers will be used by default when making a challenge, unless requested otherwise.
    Standard clauses will be active(Species, Sleep, Evasion, Item, etc), again, exceptions can be made when requested by the challenger.

    Do not have multiple threads on the first page
    Please Reuse your already made battle thread do not create another after the first one please keep reusing the one you have as long as possible

    Smogon Tier List

    Further detail of what the Standard Clauses are *Credit To Marriland Battle Clauses topic*

    These first six clauses are standard rules that, unless stated, will and shall be used in all battles that you will come across:

    Evasion clause
    -You and your opponent can not use evasion increasing moves like double
    team and minimize. This clause does not include Accuracy reducing
    moves, as this is considered Pseudo Phazer.

    Legit/legal clause
    - None of the pokemon can have illegal movesets, 999 in all stats, 255
    EVs in all stats, or have been caught in places that they normally
    wouldn't have been caught at. An example of an illegal moveset would be
    would be a Magnezone with Flamethrower or Salamance with Ice Beam.

    OHKO clause
    - You and your opponent can not use moves that causes instant one-hit
    knockouts. Some examples would be sheer cold, fissure, and guillotine.

    Sleep clause
    - Only one pokemon can be to sleep (on your side of the field) at a
    time. The only time your opponent can use another sleep move is when
    your pokemon either wakes up or faints, then your opponent can use a
    sleep move again. The move Rest does not count toward sleep clause, so
    if your opponent were to put a Pokemon asleep because of Rest, you can
    still use a sleep inducing move on your opponent. If you put to sleep a
    Pokemon that has the ability Natural Cure and your opponent switches
    out this Pokemon, you can put to sleep pokemon without breaking this

    Species clause
    - You and your opponent can not use more then one of the same pokemon.
    This means that you or your opponent can not use two Infernapes or
    Garchomps or two of the same pokemon in general.

    Uber clause - You and your opponent can not use ubers in a battle. Refer to the link at the bottom of this post for the tier list.

    Those are all of the standard rules.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Now for rules that usually aren't used in standard battles but you might be asked to folow them:

    Since everyone gives a rat's scrub about what I put here as a little sarcastic remark about these clauses, I removed it.

    Focus Sash/Choice Item Clause
    - You and your opponent can not use more than one focus sash and choice
    items (choice scarf, choice specs, choice band) in a battle.

    Freeze Clause
    - You and your opponent can not use moves that can freeze you after a
    Pokemon has already been frozen. You will have to wait for the frozen
    Pokemon to faint or thaw out before you can use another move that can
    possibly cause a freeze. Even though that it is a rare occurance to
    freeze your opponent's Pokemon, not many people feel like losing due to
    a freeze. A few moves that cause freeze would be Ice Punch, Ice Beam,
    Blizzard, and Powder Snow.

    Item Clause
    - You and your opponent can not use Pokemon that hold the same items on
    their team. Leftovers is usually excluded from Item Clause, but it is
    up to the person who uses the Clause. Items that have the same effect,
    like Leftovers and Black Sludge (on poison types only), do not count as
    the same Item.

    Luck items Clause
    - You and your oppnent can not use Items that rely on luck to be
    activated. Some examples are focus band, bright powder, and quick claw.

    Self-KO clause
    - You and your opponent can not use moves that KO yourself when it is
    your last Pokemon vs your opponent's last Pokemon. This is to avoid
    draws in battle. Some examples are Self-Destruct and Explosion. Destiny
    Bond does fall under this clause if it works.

    Skarmbliss/SkarmCressBliss Clause
    - You and your opponent can not use skarmory and blissey (and
    Cresselia, if you are using SkarmCressBliss Clause) on the same team.
    You can only have one of them on your team.

    UBER/OU/UU Battle
    - You can request what kind of tier you want to play in. If you just
    want OUs in the battle, then post somewhere in your post or your title
    that you want an OU battle. If you want a BL battle, then post in your
    post or in your title that you want a BL battle. You do the same thing
    for the lower tiers as well. If you want to combine a few tiers
    together like BL/UU/NU, then post in your post or in you title that you
    want a BL and lower battle. A link to the tier list can be found at the
    bottom of this post. Asking for BL and NU battles is POINTLESS.

    you have any questions on why a clause is up there or why a clause is
    not up there, then feel free to PM me or the mods your questions and we will answer
    them to our fullest extent.

    Now that you know what each
    clause means and which clauses are standard for all battles and which
    clauses are optional that you can add to any battle, go out there and
    battle with your (hopefully) new knowledge about the clauses.

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