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    It's here! The Rules of PokéPort!

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    It's here! The Rules of PokéPort!

    Post by Jolteon on Sun Sep 13, 2009 6:11 pm

    Welcome to the Poképort Forums. In order to allow for an enjoyable time by all, it is inevitable that we have some rules in place.

    First and foremost, our moderators have been chosen because they can handle the situations that may occur. Leave it to them, don't take a situation into your own hands. Use the Report button in the bottom right of any post and we'll know about it.

    Now, let's talk about Spam, Spam is defined as Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. That is not tolerated anywhere on the Forums except for the Spam Forum.

    Flaming and Bashing of other users will not be tolerated and warrants an immediate ban at the moderator's disposal.

    Trolling is the same as Flaming and Bashing.

    Advertising of other sites is to be limited to your signatures and the Spam Forum only. Anywhere else and you'll be punished. You may post links that pertain to the discussion, but that is up to the moderator handling the situation.

    Anything else that I may have left out but a moderator feels is a rule, is a rule. Don't argue with the staff here, their word is law, and an Admin's word is higher law than a moderator's word. Very Happy

    Thank you, and we hope you enjoy your stay at PokéPort!


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